[Buildbot-devel] Hosting for a Buildbot instance

Elias Assarsson fte08eas at student.lu.se
Thu Apr 18 12:11:05 UTC 2013

2013-04-18 13:59, Dustin J. Mitchell skrev:
> On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 3:59 AM, Elias Assarsson<fte08eas at student.lu.se>  wrote:
>> >http://trac.buildbot.net/wiki/GsocApplicationTemplate  asks students to
>> >set up a Buildbot instance. Where is it appropriate to host such an
>> >instance? I have set up an instance on my system for testing but I guess
>> >the requirement is for a more permanent instance.
> It doesn't need to be terribly permanent, as long as it's something
> others can see and get to.  Is that the case on your system?
> The requirement is there mostly to make sure you've actually*used*
> Buildbot, and that you have a place to try out your changes during the
> summer, beyond just running the tests.
I have put on my development system which I shutdown during nights. If I 
open the web port, e.g. 8010, the web UI seems to be publicly available 
via a dyndns URL, i.e. http://elsa.dyndns-ip.com:8010 . Will this do?
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