[Buildbot-devel] Nominations for Buildbot Project Leadership Committee

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Fri Apr 12 02:37:01 UTC 2013

As a part of becoming a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy,
Buildbot will have a more formal leadership structure.  That will take
the form of a Project Leadership Committee (PLC), comprised of at
least 3 people.  Members of the PLC will be responsible for making
decisions on behalf of Buildbot and for representing Buildbot to
Conservancy.  Informally, the requirements are:

 * You should be an established member of the Buildbot community - a
name other users would recognize, but not necessarily a coder
 * You should be willing to make a long-term commitment to the project
itself, above and beyond its utility to you or your
 * You should be able to serve as an individual, not an agent of your
employer (although you're free to agree with your employer)

The initial members of the PLC will be chosen as follows (with, most
likely, the PLC perpetuating itself afterwards):
 * Aspiring PLC members should nominate themselves by posting to the
mailing list before April 31.  The post should include a short bit of
text demonstrating the requirements above.
 * At least one other established community member should "+1" the
nomination by replying to that post.

That's it.  I'll use my judgement as outgoing BDFL, with the
transparency of the list keeping me honest, to select the final list,
and announce it after May 1.  I'll accept anyone who I feel meets the
requirements, so if I don't know you, then you may not make the
cut![*]  I don't expect a lot of contention, but if there is any,
we'll try to solve it with reasoned discussion and rough consensus.


[*] I have to say this because every year, we get one or two people
I've *never* heard of applying to be GSoC mentors, sometimes
presenting themselves rather forcefully!

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