[Buildbot-devel] New website

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Sun Apr 7 20:44:34 UTC 2013

I've changed the 'http://buildbot.net' landing page to a
Bootstrap-based page.  This new page is a more gentle introduction to
Buildbot, and will help to give the project a more professional
appearance, a more gentle introduction, and address the common case of
management trying to figure out if deploying Buildbot is a good idea.

Pierre started this project a few weeks before PyCon, and deserves the
credit for the idea and the framework.  I've been hacking away at it
slowly since then.

It's not finished yet.  I'm not much of a web dev or a writer, so
there's lots of stuff to fix, and I really want to direct my attention
back to nine which has languished for a week or two.   But hey, it's
open source!  If you have a tweak or find a problem, file a pull
request or issue at


P.S. If http://buildbot.net is cached for you, you can see the new
site at http://new.buildbot.net.  It will take a while both for DNS
caches and your browser's cache of 302's to expire.

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