[Buildbot-devel] P4Sync / P4, etc.

Alex Escott AE at malaspina-labs.com
Tue Apr 2 20:18:43 UTC 2013

Hi all, I'm on 0.8.3. I've got a build that requires P4 workspace with more than one mapping path (the build pulls from about 4 places, vendor branches, etc.). The stock P4 buildstep creates a client spec based on a root depot path and does an update. Since it's only one path, I can't use it.

So I'm using P4Sync and manually creating the workspace, which is ok... but it copies the whole tree from <builder_name>/source to <builder_name>/build every time it syncs, overwriting all the files. This means my "quick" incremental builds are now slow full ones.

Any suggestions on how I should do things differently? I was thinking I'll just not use the Buildbot build step and just do a shell command for the update portion.

Thanks -


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