[Buildbot-devel] Old category still present after updating a Builder's category

Colin mymailinglistsubs at gmail.com
Fri Oct 19 15:19:03 UTC 2012

We're running a Buildbot 0.8.6 installation.  We have multiple projects across 30+ Builders so we use the category field to make the Waterfall and Console pages more manageable.

We recently updated the category name on four of our existing Builders from "01-project" to "01-dept-project".  We did a full restart of BuildBot.  Strangely, three out of the four Builders still appear in the old "01-project" category on the Waterfall and Console, and we no longer receive email notifications for those three Builders since the MailNotifier is looking for the new category name.  The fourth Builder correctly appears in the new category.

The old category name "01-project" is no longer present in our master.cfg file, so BuildBot is preferring an old cached value somewhere in the database over the current value provided in master.cfg.

I tried eliminating the categories completely and restarting BuildBot, then re-adding the new category names, but the old names persist on those Builders.

We successfully changed the category names in the past when we initially started out with BuildBot 0.8.4, but haven't changed them since we upgraded to 0.8.6.

Any suggestions on how to flush out the old category names?



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