[Buildbot-devel] How to have blamelist include all blamed checkins since last successful build?

Mike Winter miwinter at cisco.com
Wed Oct 10 16:39:28 UTC 2012

Wow, I found this buried in old mailbox. 

I implemented a solution to http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/394 that turned out to be more than a bread-bin and less than a truck, perhaps because of my neophyte python experience. 

Happy to share if my company lawyers are willing. This way if accepted as reasonable approach it might be rewritten by experts. Here's the principle api:

class Problem:
    '''some state, first failed build and blamelist for same'''
    def owner():  return self.owner
    def firstFailedBuild(): return self.build

class ProblemNotifier(MailNotifier):
    '''event reception, problem pickle maintenance etc'''
    def onBuildFinished(build):
	'''check for extant entries for all failures, add new failures, move fixes to archive

On Sep 1, 2010, at 3:16:57PM, tom fogal wrote:

> Bill Deegan <bill at baddogconsulting.com> writes:
>> Greetings,
>> If we have say 2 or more failed builds in a row, it would be nice if
>> (at least) the initial blame list was cc'd on all failures until the
>> build succeeds again.
>> Is there a way to configure buildbot to do this?
>  http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/394
> -tom
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