[Buildbot-devel] multirepo has landed!

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Wed May 9 04:42:29 UTC 2012

I just merged Harry's multirepo3 branch, which brings in the last of
the multirepo implementation.  This merge alone was 80 commits.  There
are doubtless still bugs and minor oversights, but nothing we can't

This has been a HUGE project.  Harry's been at it for quite a while
now, and his dedication and attention to detail show in the results.

  Thank you, Harry -- and Benoît, too! -- for a substantial
contribution to Buildbot.

This puts us on the final approach to 0.8.7, so shut down your
approved electronic devices, check that your seat-backs and tray
tables in the full upright and locked position, and find some time in
your schedule to test out the master branch.  We're going to need all
the help we can get to shake out the last few bugs, and avoid a
0.8.7p1!  As things settle out a bit more, I'll make some tarballs for
download and announce them here, for easy pip-installing.

Seriously, QA has been the biggest pain-point for releasing Buildbot:
most of the testing happens *after* a release.  Halp!


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