[Buildbot-devel] Using Properties numerically

Richard Offer richard at whitequeen.com
Fri May 4 17:08:20 UTC 2012

I need/want to be able to use a property value numerically, i.e.

        set_properties = { 
            'SAUSAGEBOT_BUILDID' : 40000 + int( buildbot.process.properties.WithProperties("%(buildnumber:-0000)s") ), 

Obviously that doesn't work or anything close to that…

Can I get a basic string or int type out of WithProperties() ?

[ View from the 1 week buildbot newbie ]

It seems to be something that we can use - but I've really had a hard time getting it to work with the existing build code.

Our existing build code (using bamboo) is all environment variable driven, trying to get Properties in sync with environment variables has proved to be magic - and not the good type…

I think the complexity has been trying to provide support for both individual and system builds (the system build triggers all the individual builds) - and I want to be able to use a single top level build-id for all generated products (split across each of the builders) - and that id is not the revision version.

The "from the 1week newbie" take away is that the documentation and examples around properties and their interaction with the system might be better explained… I never could get SetPropertiesFromEnv to work (probably because I wanted it on the slave not master).

Is there a way to configure the initial buildnumber on a one off basis ? I don't want it to start from 0 when I roll this into production - I don't what to confuse people with a lower build number than the system I'm replacing…

The overall build system is spread across 11 Builders on 5 different build slaves (I expect to add some duplicates for the compile part before production) using triggers to provide "1 button" builds.

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