[Buildbot-devel] GSoC 2012: JavaScript frontend

Muslim Chochlov muslim.chochlov at gmail.com
Sun Mar 25 18:34:01 UTC 2012


I'm a second year master student at Free University of Bolzano (Italy). I
am mostly a Java/C programmer
and have a fair experience in both languages. Though previously I've done
some programming in Python and JS.
One of my responsibilities in my previous work was to administer a Bamboo
CI. Currently as a part of my research at the uni
I'm setting up a multi-platform project build using Jenkins.
The reason I've chosen this project is because I would like to develop CI
myself and find out how it works internally.
Another advantage to carry out from this summer is that I'll be able to
improve my Python/JS coding skills.

Now I did some research on JS frameworks and found a nice comparison in
wiki [1]. I was mostly choosing between
Dojo, jQuery and Pyjamas. And I think that jQuery would be the best choice.
- It has a testing framework - QUnit
- it supports most widely used browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome)
- has built in functions to call Json services
- supports Ajax
- licensing is MIT and GPL (which I think should be fine, though I'm not a
big license expert so correct me if I'm wrong)

A few questions for you:
1. Which part of buildbot needs to be refactored? If I understand correctly
web files are only in the master part of buildbot. If browsing the code
there is "buildbot/master/buildbot/status/web" folder. Is it the only place
that is going to be affected or there are hidden dependencies in the code.
2. In the idea's description it is said "The JS frontend will talk to the JSON
REST service provided by the Buildmaster. Much of this service is already
implemented, but it will need to be expanded and improved, which will
require some Python programming and learning a bit about Twisted Python".
What exactly has to be improved?

One last thing, I followed the buildbot setup tutorials [2] and
successfully installed buildbot on my machine and even run build for some
project called pyflakes :)
It is mentioned that you could help with hosting. I would appreciate if you
do that.

Muslim Chochlov

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_JavaScript_frameworks
[2] http://buildbot.net/buildbot/docs/current/tutorial/
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