[Buildbot-devel] Builder order in Waterfall scrambled in 0.8.6

Thomas Middeldorp thomas at ranzer.geek.nz
Wed Mar 21 21:16:15 UTC 2012

Here is a recent thread on this:


I attached a patch (2nd message down in that thread) that will restore the 
previous behaviour, but as stated in that thread the behaviour was never 
intended and there is a change in 0.8.6p1 that will just sort the builder names 
instead (the commit ID for that change is in that thread as well, in case you 
want to apply it early). If you go with the sort approach you'll need to rename 
your builders to something that would "sort" into the order you desire (as 
defined by python sorted() method).

Hope that helps,

On 22/03/2012 9:42 a.m., André Anjos wrote:
> The build order seems to be changed (to some order I can't make sense
> of) in the Waterfall page:
> https://www.idiap.ch/software/bob/buildbot/waterfall
> What is displayed on that page does not (anymore - used to until
> 0.8.5) the declaration order.
> I digged the dox, but there seems that no direct changes affect the
> waterfall display. Is there a way to have that fixed by tweaking the
> master.cfg?
> Thanks, A
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