[Buildbot-devel] Sprints! And we need some SEO help..

Johannes Stallkamp johannes.stallkamp at rub.de
Tue Mar 13 07:44:50 UTC 2012


Happy to hear that everything's fine at PyCon. :)

Am 13.03.2012 07:57, schrieb Dustin J. Mitchell:
> Now, a question that nobody in the room can answer for me: I'd like to
> convince Google to index only the current Buildbot documentation, so
> folks don't get sent to old pages unnecessarily. I had considered
> returning 302's to the new docs for old URLs when the UA matched the
> google bot, but the room seems roundly agreed that doing so would
> anger the Google. So, how do I do this? If you don't know, do you
> know someone who might, who can help out?
> Dustin
I am not really familiar with this, but would a robots.txt do the job?



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