[Buildbot-devel] ESTMPClient error

Sarah Addis saddis01 at qub.ac.uk
Mon Jul 16 14:38:08 UTC 2012

I am a completely new user to Python and BuildBot. Currently I am using an e-mail alert when the BuildBot build status changes (moves from success to fail, or vice versa), and failing will e-mail every time there is a failed build. I am encountering the following Python error when sending an email is attempted.

--- <exception caught here> ---
**ESMTPClient.__init__(self, secret, contextFactory, *args, **kw)
exceptions.TypeError?: unbound method init() must be called with ESMTPClient 
instance as first argument (got ESMTPSender instance instead)**

I have found some examples of this error online when searching for an answer, including

    You just need to pass 'self' as an argument to 'Thread.init' and calling the super class

but I am still unsure why there is an error. I would appreciate any guidance/help on why this error has occurred and how to go about resolving the issue. I am not the author of this code so I am unsure of what to be looking for to solve the problem.

The email was working before the following code was changed in the master.cfg file from gmail account to company account:

 c['status'].append(mail.MailNotifier( fromaddr="load.builder at company.co.uk", 
extraRecipients=["example at company.com", ], 
sendToInterestedUsers=False, mode=('change', 'failing'),
useTls=True, smtpUser="lbuilder", 

any guidance on how to fix this problem would be appreciated


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