[Buildbot-devel] Comparing Buildbot with Jenkins: ease of setup issues

P. Christeas xrg at linux.gr
Sun Jul 15 16:22:28 UTC 2012

On Sunday 15 July 2012, you wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 4:35 AM, P. Christeas <xrg at linux.gr> wrote:
> > I remind you that I've been using a GUI on top of buildbot:
> > http://members.hellug.gr/xrg/buildbot-pics/
> That's interesting.  Is it available for others to try?

All code is available and GPLd.

But the effort of maintaining an OpenERP instance just for your buildbot may be 
beyond your scope. I warned you..

FYI, the original idea has been to use OpenERP as a business logic server to 
host a complete collaboration suite (including project management, big-scale 
bug-tracking + paid tickets, development statistics + automated builds). In 
contrast, using a barebone SQL for the suite would not fit. By using OpenERP, 
db speed would be sacrified in order to provide a RAD backend + much more 
relational logic behind these data structures.

But, hopefully, parts of this OpenERP+buildbot setup could also be isolated 
and re-used individually, to fit different needs.

In short, my course was:
  - take buildbot 0.8.4 (stuck with that API for quite a while now :S )
  - disconnect the DBConnector using a hook
  - limit any SQL-isms in the rest of buildbot wrt. the connector
  - rewrite another Connector that uses OpenERP's RPC services as a backend.
  [ - heavily hack the OpenERP to optimize these RPC services for the workload 
of buildbot ]
  - write a "master_keeper" module that would load a configuration from RPC 
rather than a hard-coded script. [* reusable ideas here *]
  - write a few models in OpenERP that would implement the data structures
    (at this point, having the GUI forms for the data was implicit, due to the 
design/features of OpenERP).

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