[Buildbot-devel] Access BuildSet IDs from a BuildStep

Jorge Gonzalez gjorge at google.com
Tue Jul 10 16:23:58 UTC 2012

Thanks Tom. Your suggestion pointed me in the right direction. I just
learned about advanced property
seems to be enough for what I need to do.

For the benefit of future readres, this is the function I used to extract
the highest Buildset ID from all requests', as of 0.8.6:

def HighestBuildset(props):
  b = props.getBuild()
  max_req = max(b.requests, key=lambda r: r.bsid)
  return max_req.bsid


On Tue, Jul 3, 2012 at 8:19 PM, Tom Prince <tom.prince at ualberta.net> wrote:

> Jorge Gonzalez <gjorge at google.com> writes:
> > Within a BuildStep, I would like to be able to compute and use the
> highest
> > buildset ID associated with any of the BuildRequests included in the
> > current Build.
> The best way to do this is to write an IRenderable to get this
> information. Or if you are using trunk, perhaps extending Interpolate to
> expose this.
>   Tom
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