[Buildbot-devel] What is passed as sourcestamp.repository from a svn server

Harry harry at aeteurope.nl
Wed Jan 25 16:38:58 UTC 2012

For the multiple repository functionality I am implementing the
Source.getRepository method for each different source step.

Before calling startVC in the base class the sourcestamp is retrieved from
the build by calling  getSourceStamp, passing the repository as selection
key. This repository must be retrieved from of subclasses source classes
like SVN CVS etc. These classes override the method getRepository. For each
class getRepository must determine the configured repository.


svn.SVN has a svnurl and baseURL, but the baseURL may contain a branch

As I understand the svnurl can also contain the branch information.


The getRepository method must return a value that can be used to select from
the set of sourcestamps in the build object.

What repository value does a source stamp have if I receive changes from,
say,  'http://svn.local/app/trunk@HEAD'', is it the complete URL so a
repository includes branch information. In that case changes from different
branches will result in different sourcestamps and changes will not be


I already use  the following attributes:

CVS: self.cvsmodule

HG: baseURL (dirname) or repourl (inrepo)

Git and BZR:self.repourl


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