[Buildbot-devel] Cannot have two services with same name

André Anjos andre.anjos at idiap.ch
Sat Apr 14 13:18:57 UTC 2012


My buildbot installation (0.8.6, not p1), after some mods in the master is
now complaining like indicated below when one of the slaves attach:

2012-04-14 15:12:01+0200 [Broker,1,] slave 'mguenther-x86_64'
attaching from IPv4Address(TCP, '', 44585)
2012-04-14 15:12:01+0200 [Broker,1,] Starting buildslave
keepalive timer for 'mguenther-x86_64'
2012-04-14 15:12:01+0200 [Broker,1,] Got slaveinfo from
2012-04-14 15:12:01+0200 [Broker,1,] bot attached
2012-04-14 15:12:01+0200 [Broker,1,] BuildSlave.sendBuilderList
(<BuildSlave 'mguenther-x86_64'>) failed
2012-04-14 15:12:01+0200 [Broker,1,] Unhandled Error
Traceback from remote host -- Traceback unavailable
exceptions.RuntimeError: cannot have two services with same name

I have located the place inside the code where the problem occurs
(<buildbot-prefix>/buildslave.py method sendBuilderList(), line 540). The
method feeds a list of tuples to the remote slave. I have printed the value
of such list:

 ('idiap-10.04-x86_64-debug', 'idiap-10.04-x86_64-debug'),
 ('idiap-10.04-x86_64-release', 'idiap-10.04-x86_64-release'),
 ('ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-release', 'ubuntu-10.04-x86_64-release'),

The order is ("builder-name", "slave-builddir"). This looks right to me.

Why does sendBuilderList() fail then?

Thanks for any tips,


Dr. André Anjos
Idiap Research Institute
Centre du Parc - rue Marconi 19
CH-1920 Martigny, Suisse
Phone: +41 27 721 7763
Fax: +41 27 721 7712
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