[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot in Software Freedom Conservancy

William Deegan bill at baddogconsulting.com
Thu Apr 12 07:20:08 UTC 2012

On 04/09/2012 07:50 PM, Dustin J. Mitchell wrote:
> I'd like to apply on behalf of Buildbot to the Software Freedom Conservancy:
>    http://sfconservancy.org/members/apply/
> The benefits of this are here:
>    http://sfconservancy.org/members/services/
> but for me the big items are an organization bigger than me, so if I
> go away, the project lives on; and fiscal sponsorship.  SFC can own
> Buildbot's hardware, handle the finances related to GSoC, and even
> help organizing funding for Buildbot events.
> There are other organizations out there that can provide this kind of
> service, but in many cases it comes with additional strings -
> requirements for more sophisticated governance than we currently have,
> license changes, copyright assignment, and so on.  All of those would
> put a significant burden and distraction on everyone in the project,
> and our resources are already pretty thin.  In particular, I discussed
> membership in the Apache Software Foundation with Gavin McDonald a
> year or two ago, and stumbled over the need to re-license.
> This will be a symbolically significant, if practically barely
> noticeable, change for the project, so I'd like to open it up for
> discussion first.  Have at it!

+1 Buildbot would be in good company with the other projects under SFC 


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