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BRM bm_witness at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 20 16:23:19 UTC 2011

Just wanted to bring up a bug for discussion. I'm not familiar enough with Buildbot's protocols/etc to tackle it myself at present, and any support for InstallShield will likely need to follow the same kind of route.


I finally got to the point of testing a build, and it failed because Buildbot had the incorrect path for VisualStudios, namely because the path was hard coded. Microsoft provides the required paths in some nice registry keys that we can access via Python - via either the _winreg/winreg built-in modules, or via PyWin32's win32api module. I reported the paths I know about in the bug.

What I am curious about is how this would play out in build-master/slave architecture since the VisualStudios may not be installed at all on the build master, and/or different from the build slaves (even the build slaves could potentially be different from each other). For example, I am thinking of potentially moving my build master to a Linux computer at some point, and if I added another Windows computer for doing builds on it won't likely have the same installation path as the one I currently am using.

For now, I can probably work around it using the "installdir" parameter. However, it would be very helpful for me (and likely others) to use the registry method in the bug report.

What I want to focus the discussion on here is how this would need to work via the master-slave functionality. Is it possible to manage this given the current design/architecture/protocol? Or is there something that would need to be modified? If so, how big a change would it require?

FWIW, the only real reason I am very aware of this method of detecting the installation is because I had to do it for some scripts I wrote - that I both use in my own build scripts and that are used by some of my builds for building their dependencies.

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