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Marc-Antoine Ruel maruel at chromium.org
Fri Sep 16 14:13:05 UTC 2011

Le 16 septembre 2011 09:45, Chris Kees <cekees at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Hi,
> First post...thanks for the great packages you have created.
> Background: All my machines (master and slaves) are behind a firewall,
> and at present I'm only allowed to have ports 80 and 443 open to the
> outside world on the server. They are actually proxied through another
> server that I don't have access to.  I set up a reverse proxy on my
> server to connect  the buildbot master on port 8010 to a directory
> (/buildbot) on port 443 so that now you can see
> https://proteus.usace.army.mil/buildbot/waterfall from .COM.
> 1) I there something simple I can do to make that fully functional
> (i.e. see into stdout etc.)?  I'm not complaining, it's enough for our
> colleagues on the outside to at least see what platforms are
> relatively error free.

I think it's the fact that all your builders have a slash in their name that
confuses the url handler, e.g.
https://proteus.usace.army.mil/buildbot/builders/ and
https://proteus.usace.army.mil/buildbot/buildslaves/diamond are accessible
but not

I think buildbot should refuse "/" in the builder and slave name, it'd be

> 2) Is there anything I can do to support build slaves outside the
> firewall besides a) setting up a master outside the firewall or b)
> going through the processes of getting a port like 9989 through the
> (outer) proxy server.

You can setup an http connect proxy but that's going to be flaky. If
everything is public, you're probably better to host the master outside
'corp' or in a dmz anyway.

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