[Buildbot-devel] Feeding the blamelist using a git repository

Jürgen Schulz-Brüssel juergen.schulz-bruessel at thinkproject.com
Fri Sep 2 13:00:50 UTC 2011


I configured a buildbot system ( using a git repository and have 
unfortunately some trouble to feed the blamelist.

The slave in question pulls from the git repository. The git hashkey is 
displayed correct. But the 'blamelist' reads 'no responsible users'. 
Obviously {% if responsible_users %} in build.html is not true. But how 
do I feed responsible_users?

My configuration looks like this:

from buildbot.changes.pb import PBChangeSource
c['change_source'] = PBChangeSource()

from buildbot.changes.gitpoller import GitPoller
c['change_source'] = GitPoller(


from buildbot.process.factory import BuildFactory
from buildbot.steps.source import Git
from buildbot.steps.shell import ShellCommand
from buildbot.process.properties import WithProperties
from buildbot.process.properties import Properties

factory = BuildFactory()
factory.addStep(Git(repourl='URL', mode='update'))


Is there anything else to be done?

Thanks for your help

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