[Buildbot-devel] waterfall page link issue, starting point?

Nathan Weyer nweyer at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Oct 20 20:07:11 UTC 2011


On 10/20/11 3:52 PM, Amber Yust wrote:
> First thing to check - make sure the 'buildbotURL' config key is set 
> properly.
Looks like it was set to


I just tried setting it to:


But the only effect it seemed to have is that clicking on logs on the 
'wrong' waterfall page fails.  The button behavior is persisting.

> Also, you may want to consider upgrading; your Buildbot version is no 
> longer supported. (The most recent we even really attempt to support 
> is 7.12; and ideally, you should upgrade to the 0.8.x series.)
*nods* upgrading to a new version is on my to-do list, but it was only a 
few months ago that we moved up to 7.6, so no idea when I will be able 
to schedule it.. thus hoping there is a short term fix.

That might be relevant.  I do not know what the old version was 
(contemporary to Dapper Drake), but when we upgraded to 7.6 the new 
behavior started.

Thank you for your assistance, it has already given me a place to start 
poking at least.

> ~Amber
> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:28 PM, Nathan Weyer <nweyer at seas.upenn.edu 
> <mailto:nweyer at seas.upenn.edu>> wrote:
>     Hello all,
>     I am afraid this is a very newbie question, and I might have some
>     of my
>     terms wrong.  I thank everyone for their patience.
>     I inherited an existing buildbot install (v 0.7.6, twisted 2.5.0)
>     and we
>     are having an issue with it that I am having trouble finding the
>     starting point for correcting.  Essentially....
>     It is set up to live at
>     https://foo.edu/buildbot
>     If one goes to that page they get a copy of the waterfall, BUT
>     clicking
>     on any of the builder links takes the user to something like:
>     https://foo.edu/builders/bar
>     Clicking on any of the logs in the waterfall correctly goes to:
>     https://foo.edu/buildbot/builders/bar/builds/baz/steps/compile/logs/stdio
>     If one manually goes to https://foo.edu/buildbot/waterfall they get a
>     functioning waterfall page, but there is another catch.
>     Going to one of the builder pages lands correctly at:
>     https://foo.edu/buildbot/builders/bar
>     Clicking 'Force Build' or 'Ping Builders' works, but dumps the
>     user back at
>     https://foo.edu/buildbot
>     I am not seeing any obvious in our apache configuration,
>     master.cfg, or
>     our extensions.
>     Thanks to any advice that can be passed back along.
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