[Buildbot-devel] waterfall page link issue, starting point?

Nathan Weyer nweyer at seas.upenn.edu
Thu Oct 20 19:28:54 UTC 2011

Hello all,

I am afraid this is a very newbie question, and I might have some of my 
terms wrong.  I thank everyone for their patience.

I inherited an existing buildbot install (v 0.7.6, twisted 2.5.0) and we 
are having an issue with it that I am having trouble finding the 
starting point for correcting.  Essentially....

It is set up to live at


If one goes to that page they get a copy of the waterfall, BUT clicking 
on any of the builder links takes the user to something like:


Clicking on any of the logs in the waterfall correctly goes to:


If one manually goes to https://foo.edu/buildbot/waterfall they get a 
functioning waterfall page, but there is another catch.

Going to one of the builder pages lands correctly at:


Clicking 'Force Build' or 'Ping Builders' works, but dumps the user back at


I am not seeing any obvious in our apache configuration, master.cfg, or 
our extensions.

Thanks to any advice that can be passed back along.

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