[Buildbot-devel] help with traceback

Patrick Gansterer paroga at paroga.com
Sat Oct 8 22:17:13 UTC 2011


I sometimes get a traceback like [1] on my buildbot. This usually happens when I keep the (auto refreshing) console view open in the background for a longer period. After a manual page refresh in the browser it works again. It's the current stable version 0.8.5 with python 2.6.6 on Linux behind an Apache 2.2.16 reverse proxy. The master manages 5 projects (with different git repositories) where every project has 4 builders.

I've no good idea when the following code throws a KeyError exception:
if number in self.buildCache:

Where is the best place to start working on this issue or at least make it reproducible?
Has anybody seen this problem already too?

[1] http://paroga.com/files/buildbot/traceback1.html

- Patrick

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