[Buildbot-devel] Updated Debian packaging

Andriy Senkovych jolly_roger at itblog.org.ua
Thu Mar 31 22:27:46 UTC 2011

Hello, everyone!

Thank you for CCing, now i've subscribed to the list too. Added
official maintainer to the CC list too, since he might be interested.

2011/3/31 Alex Bennee <kernel-hacker at bennee.com>:
>> I guess if you intend to work on packaging, best would be to communicate
>> with Andriy, he also has setup a git repo on github [1] and has some project
>> for the package.
> Righto, I mainly worked on it out of necessity having gotten tired of
> manually installing it on the various machines. I've no particular
> desire beyond that but I'm happy to help.
> Andrily's rules look a lot cleaner. The main difference on my package
> is build straight out of the main git tree which contains both master
> and slave together. There is certainly scope to merge the work and get
> the best of both worlds.

Debian and Ubuntu packaging stick to the release of software and
buildbot/buildbot-slave are released as tarballs on googlecode and
buildbot.net. Also, this was initial thing for packaging provided by
the official maintainer so I just accepted this. The first time I
packaged buildbot (0.8.1)[1] I based on the upstream VCS source tree
too and had a few issues in the end like getting non-free/commercial
files into the packages. Also it is simpler and more common to have
"one tarball - one package" structure from the maintainer's point of

One additional fix I added to 0.8.3p1 is the GitPoller patch since I
originally wrote it. I've found a new bug report on the Buildbot BTS
from the Tor project which I fixed two weeks ago. Since they are using
Debian they should have created a bug report on the package right
after its release, so I just included my fixes in the package[2].

As you can see there is branch for v0.8.3 packaging. I use current
master branch for packaging next release.

> Although I'm running on Ubuntu here I'm aiming for Debian compliance.
> I guess the main differentiators would be upstart support instead of
> init.d scripts?

Wow, this is the last thing I was asked by the original maintainer.
I'll look on this right now. Will PM you personally later.

Few additional words about my repositories on github[3,4]. I used
git-buildpackage for those except they are based on the upstream
source code packaged in the tarballs. I don't mention them inside the
package just because they are more for personal use.

Hopefully, buildbot packages have the same maintainer for Ubuntu and
Debian, so I believe we'll get the packages similar. In fact, everyone
is interested in this.

    [1]: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=587313#10
    [2]: https://github.com/jollyroger/debian-buildbot/blob/v0.8.3/debian/patches/gitpoller-multibyte.patch
    [3]: https://github.com/jollyroger/debian-buildbot/
    [4]: https://github.com/jollyroger/debian-buildbot-slave/

WBR, Andriy Senkovych

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