[Buildbot-devel] Any way to specify revision with a Trigger step

Amber Yust ayust at yelp.com
Wed Mar 23 02:25:06 UTC 2011

You can use a separate source step triggered by a property+doStepIf that has
alwaysUseLatest=True set.

Your Triggerable scheduler can set the property that swaps which source step
is active.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 6:45 PM, Matthew Morse <matt at apple.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I just subscribed to this list and have a question that I didn't see
> answered in the archive.
> The problem is this:
> - We have multiple projects (A, B, and C), each in its own git repository
> (Repo_A, Repo_B, Repo_C)
> - The projects are related. Specifically, the projects in B and C depend on
> the project in A
> - We want a commit in Repo_A to trigger builds of A, B, and C.
> We have a GitPoller on Repo_A to trigger builds when there's a commit
> there. Thereafter, we want to build B and C.
> The tricky part is that we want a commit to A (say, with SHA-1 hash
> a2a1eb33d49...) to trigger builds of B and C at their HEAD versions. (Since
> the repos are separate, the a2a1eb33d49... isn't relevant in Repo_B and
> Repo_C.)
> I don't see a way to specify something like the HEAD revision when
> configuring a Trigger.  Is that possible?  Alternatively, could it be done
> in a Triggerable scheduler?  Other ideas?
> Thanks,
> - Matt
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