[Buildbot-devel] Condition a step according to a WithProperties value

Alex castornightmare at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 14:50:30 UTC 2011

Hi everybody,

i'm using buildbot 0.7.4 (the one packaged on debian etch, quite old, i know
... but it is a big work to upgrade for us).
When i "force build", i use the fields "branch" and "revision" to provide
some arguments to a shell script i run on the buildslaves.
So my step looks like this :
            # branch   = TEST-PLAN
            # revision = BUILD
            command=[launchfwk, "-f V2", "-a 2.3", "-n " + str(archi), "-l "
+ str(list), "-s " + str(syslogarchi[archi]), WithProperties("-p %s",
"branch"), WithProperties("-b %s", "revision")],
            description=[list + " - In progress"],
            descriptionDone=[list + " - Done"])
The problem is i want to be able to run the build without providing the
branch and revision information but, in this cas, my shell script is run
like that :
launchfwk -f V2 -a 2.3 -n archi2 -l test-list-1 -s -p -b
and -p and -b need some content ...
It looks like i can only use WithProperties inside of the command args form.
Is there a solution to do something like that :
if WithProperties("-p %s", "branch"):
    f.addStep( .....
    f.addStep( .....

Maybe the way i'm using buildbot is wrong too ...
Thanks very much for any help.
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