[Buildbot-devel] Google Summer of Code

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Thu Mar 10 05:06:49 UTC 2011

Marc-Antoine and I have submitted an application for Buildbot to the
Google Summer of Code.  The application is due on March 11, and we
will hear back from Google on March 18.

If we are accepted, we will start to see students querying the list
regarding projects they are interested in working on.

I know that many folks on this list have projects that they'd like to
see implemented in Buildbot -- I've certainly said "sounds great, let
me know when you have a patch" more times than I can remember!  This
may be a perfect time to drive that project, or a part of it, to
completion by mentoring a GSoC intern.

If you're interested in this, please add a brief outline of your project to
and be prepared to field questions about it here and, if you're an IRC
person, in #buildbot.  Also, let me know that you're interested so I
can keep a rough list.

We will need some "general" mentors as well - people who can spend
some extra time helping students work through problems, especially
when their primary mentor is not around.  If you think you could fill
this role, let me know.

There's lots of information on mentoring here:

The page may make you think "wow, mentoring's a lot of work!"  It is,
but I think it will also be a great experience for mentor, mentee, and
Buildbot.  And it's a good item to have on your resume/CV, too :)


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