[Buildbot-devel] integrating a perl script and buildbot!

skilar1 at cct.lsu.edu skilar1 at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Mar 9 20:21:43 UTC 2011

Hello Buildbot team,

I have a perl script that actually installs the software developed by  
our team, builds and tests it for errors. Now I wanted to automate the  
build process and so was looking into buildbot and see if there is a  
way to have svn poll check done by buildbot and then use it to run the  
the perl script for building and testing our software and later  
integrate the outputs back to buildbot?

So basically I want to make use of the basic structure of buildbot for  
polling and  providing the results at the end except it uses the perl  
script I have for building and testing. Any ideas or suggestions?

I went through all the configurable tools but I think I haven't come  
across one such usage or I might have missed. Thank you for your  

Shravan Kilaru

Center for Computation & Technology
234 Johnston Hall

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