[Buildbot-devel] large variability in slave compile times -- trying to optimize

Philippe McLean philippe.mclean at gmail.com
Fri Jun 24 22:25:24 UTC 2011


I'm seeing a large variability in compile times on my buildbot slaves
(between 22 minutes and > 3 hours) and I rarely see the CPU(s) maxed out.
I want to minimize my build times, and I'm trying to track down the cause of

I'm wondering if anyone else has similar experiences or can offer insight.

The setup

- buildbot master running on a powerful, lightly loaded windows 2003 server
- 4 buildbot slaves, each running windows server 2003 in a vm with 4 GB RAM,
under Proxmox VE
- large C#/C++ solution, compiling with devenv.com (visual Studio 2008)
- the builds often run concurrently

A batch build running outside buildbot, with nothing else on the system,
takes approx 17 minutes.

I'm wondering if there might be some network/IO issues with buildbot on the
server? (Does anyone else run masters on windows?)
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