[Buildbot-devel] Exception and error after upgrading 0.8.2 to 0.8.4p1

Jonathan Martens jonathan at snetram.nl
Thu Jun 23 15:14:24 UTC 2011

On 23-6-2011 16:14, Sebastien Douche wrote:
>              rval = self.protocol.dataReceived(data)
>            File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/twisted/spread/banana.py",
> line 171, in dataReceived
>              raise BananaError("Security precaution: more than %d bytes
> of prefix" % (self.prefixLimit,))
>          twisted.spread.banana.BananaError: Security precaution: more
> than 64 bytes of prefix

I recently had the same error, not sure what caused it, but I worked 
around it (dirty I know) by setting the value  to 128 (IIRC in banana.py 
in the twisted source). After that I was able to progress past that to 
further work on setting up my tests.

As my testing had priority over finding the root cause of this bug I did 
not investigate further.

Kind regards,


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