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Pradeepkumar Gayam in3xes at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 14:49:29 UTC 2011

Both the above mails classified in terms of keeping/deleting files.

Hofkamp said,

1. Throw away everything each time, or
2. Keep existing directory.

Dustin Said,

1. Build from a pristine directory with no leftovers from previous builds
2. Build from an already-used directory with some/all files left intact

and added special cases. In fact both are same with slight differences.

After summing up this can be something like

1. Delete everything, that is whole directory
2. Keep all the files, build artifacts.
3. Partial deletion.

Lets name 1 - Clobber, 2 - Incremental.

3a. Set it back to state before build (i.e., remove ignored, non-ignored and
any other files) then update. (Clean)

3b. I am not sure if a case arises where we should be care about non-ignored
files. Is there any situation where files are generated which are neither
under version control nor in ignored files. If there is any, we can
implement it too.

3c. User specific command to clean.

This classification addresses most cases mentioned in above mails.

In Hofkamp's mail,

1 - Equivalent to Clobber (defined in this mail)
2a - Incremental
2c - Clean
2b - referring to 3b
2e - 3c

In Dustin's mail,

1a - Clobber
1b - This is same as copy mode of current source steps. I think we are
discarding it.
1c - Clean (or 3b?)
2 - Incremental

Does it make sense? Any comments?

Pradeepkumar Gayam
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