[Buildbot-devel] Added change revision from one git repo for another

david ignacio deignacio at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 12:04:36 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jul 29, 2011 at 1:58 AM, Shakthi Kannan <shakthimaan at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> --- On Thu, Jul 28, 2011 at 6:37 PM, David Ignacio <dignacio at litl.com> wrote:
> | I think we'd need to see your master.cfg to rule out any gotchas in
> | there.  It could be that possibly you have a typo in a filter for your
> | schedulers?
> \--
> === master.cfg ===

> from buildbot.changes.gitpoller import GitPoller
> a_poller = GitPoller(
>        'git://path/to/a.git',
>        branch='master')
> b_poller = GitPoller(
>        'git://path/to/b.git',
>        branch='master')
> c['change_source'] = [ a_poller, b_poller ]
> c['schedulers'] = []
> c['schedulers'].append(Scheduler(name="atests", branch="master",
>                                 treeStableTimer=None,
>                                 builderNames=["atests"]))
> c['schedulers'].append(Scheduler(name="btests", branch="master",
>                                 treeStableTimer=None,
>                                 builderNames=["btests"]))

This is where I see the problem.  Even thought the schedulers are
connected to builders that are related to the different repositories,
their only filter is branch="master."  This means that if a change
exists in either a.git or b.git, both builders "atests" and "btests"
will get scheduled.  I'm assuming the c- builder isn't triggered, but
that's to be expected because the change_filter is in place.

i'd add a project="project a" and project="project b" to a_/b_poller,
and then a change filter similar to the svn to the atests/btests

Try that out and see if it works.  Unless the problem that I am
describing/attempting to fix is not what you are seeing at all.


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