[Buildbot-devel] Git source picking wrong branch

Amber Yust ayust at yelp.com
Thu Jul 28 23:39:47 UTC 2011

Why would you want a commit to master to trigger a build of a non master

Perhaps what you should actually do is put change filters on your schedulers
so that they don't all build when only one of the repositories had a commit.

~Amber (sent from Droid, please forgive any typos!)
On Jul 28, 2011 4:33 PM, "Sean Cross" <sean at chumby.com> wrote:
> I'm experiencing a problem where source.Git is grabbing the wrong branch
when a build is triggered from GitPoller.
> My particular factory has four Git sources. Three have "branch" set to
"master", and one has "branch" set to "org.openembedded.dev". When I trigger
a build using the web interface, "branch" is set to None, and everything
works. When GitPoller detects a change, it seems to set build's "branch"
property to the branch that changed, usually "master".
> Naturally, this causes builds triggered by GitPoller to fail as my
openembedded tree has no "master" branch.
> I've applied this patch, but I don't understand why it works, or what the
correct solution is. How can I make it so that builds triggered from
GitPoller don't set the "branch" value, or so the Git source uses the
correct branch?
> diff -ur buildbot-0.8.4p2-stock/buildbot/steps/source.py
> --- buildbot-0.8.4p2-stock/buildbot/steps/source.py 2011-07-17
12:49:06.000000000 +0800
> +++ buildbot-0.8.4p2/buildbot/steps/source.py 2011-07-29
06:49:53.000000000 +0800
> @@ -228,7 +228,7 @@
> # what source stamp would this build like to use?
> s = self.build.getSourceStamp()
> # if branch is None, then use the Step's "default" branch
> - branch = s.branch or self.branch
> + branch = self.branch or s.branch
> # if revision is None, use the latest sources (-rHEAD)
> revision = s.revision
> if not revision and not self.alwaysUseLatest:
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