[Buildbot-devel] Best practices question: shared code for various buildmasters

Dmitry Nezhevenko dion at dion.org.ua
Thu Jul 28 12:44:39 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jul 27, 2011 at 02:36:16PM -0700, Matthew Morse wrote:
> I have a bunch of buildmasters running on a host. As their master.cfg
> files get more sophisticated, I see I've got duplication of routines.
> I'd like to centralize  those shared routines in one or more modules
> that can be imported into the various master.cfg files. I'm wondering
> where best to install those modules. Any suggestions?

I've just created local fork of buildbot repo and just commit everything I
need to same repository (in "own" branch). 

So I don't use buildbot tarballs at all. Every node just pulls from master
repo before startup. 

In such case upgrade to new release means just pull from "upstream" repo
and merge.

Benefits: Easy to trac configuration changes together with buildbot
changes, easy to update/rollback in case of some issues, etc.

WBR, Dmitry
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