[Buildbot-devel] [ANN] Buildbot-0.8.4p2

Dustin J. Mitchell dustin at v.igoro.us
Sun Jul 17 19:10:30 UTC 2011

Buildbot-0.8.4p2 is now released and available for download.


File checksums are as follows.  This buildbot release is signed by my
GPG public key (7F0D15B1) (available from keyservers), and the
signatures are available for download at the Google Code site.

7597d945724c80c0ab476e833a1026cb  buildbot-0.8.4p2.tar.gz
3b49f9ecc67ebcdf139eaad8c7d4b365  buildbot-0.8.4p2.tar.gz.asc
fb0fc59435b154359453c1893b7e057f  buildbot-0.8.4p2.zip
4575576ae86942a6319d3065025fe0ab  buildbot-0.8.4p2.zip.asc

This fixes the following problems since 0.8.4p1:
** Fix mergeRequests configuration handling (#2008, #2025)
** Fix Postgres problems with temporary tables (#2010)
** Fix running scripts under non-default reactors (#2020)
** Fix MailNotifier bugs (#2017, #2014, #2021)
** Fix more property rendering bugs (#2024)
** Remove an incorrect assertion about build numbers (#2028)
** Create the test DB in a temporary directory (#2016)
** Fix try --wait (#2007)
** Run checkconfig in the master directory, rather than copying

This will be the last release of Buildbot-0.8.4.  Buildbot-0.8.5 will
be coming soon.

As always, please file bugs for any problems you see with this


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