[Buildbot-devel] darcs revisions

Ian Zimmerman itz at buug.org
Fri Jul 15 03:42:57 UTC 2011

Apparently the got_revision for builds with a Darcs step consists of the
concatenation of the comments for _all_ the patches ever applied to the
repository.  Logically, this is about right, because it is the only kind
of thing uniquely identifying the state of a Darcs repo; but it is huge,
and it is almost certainly useless for the purpose of "retrieving the
revision", i.e. restoring the repo to that state.  To my chagrin I have
learned that it is also vulnerable to decoding errors when anyone in the
history provides a "bad" comment.  [1]

So, I would like to somehow disable that, probably by sub-classing the
Darcs step and doing something more like the CVS step with timestamps.
But I don't understand what part of buildbot actually constructs these
monstrous "revisions".  The Darcs step doesn't implement
computeSourceRevision(), so where is it coming from?


I guess that means not in utf-8?

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