[Buildbot-devel] jinja template

Jean-Michel Beuken jean-michel.beuken at uclouvain.be
Thu Jul 14 17:56:16 UTC 2011


I want to customize the jinja templates found in "buildbot/status/web/templates/*"  like waterfall.html
  and I don't want to lost the modifications during the next update...

I'm looking  for some infos in the doc and in the sources...but nothing relevant...for me:-[
I read the "http://trac.buildbot.net/ticket/871" where we can read :

When a user wants to customize the default "layout.html" template (as an example) he/she has to copy it from the source code and modify it in the master's 'templates' directory.

where/what is the "master's 'templates' directory" ?

thanks in advance


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