[Buildbot-devel] BB3 and BB4 are now even wider

Amber Yust ayust at yelp.com
Tue Jul 12 18:45:27 UTC 2011

Hrm. GMail auto-complete failed me; my apologies as this went to the wrong
list. :)


On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 11:42 AM, Amber Yust <ayust at yelp.com> wrote:

> Last week, James got the hardware set up for buildbot6 and we brought it
> online. Today, the other portion of the new hardware came online - a third
> build machine for each of buildbot3 and buildbot4.
> This means that bb3 and bb4 each now have 42 sandbox builders and 6
> non-sandbox builders, plus the misc. builders bringing each to a total of
> *52* builders.
> Enjoy!
> ~Amber
> P.S. Props to jbrown as well for getting all of these machines allocated
> and online so quickly.
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