[Buildbot-devel] buildbot try --repository --branch question

Rod Morison rod at morison.biz
Tue Jul 12 00:19:22 UTC 2011

I'm experimenting with the buildbot try --repository option for a git 
based dev tree. I need some help understanding the patch calc mechanics 
wrt git branches & repos. In the master I have a GitPoller change source 
something like

     c['change_source'] = GitPoller('gitserver:~git/yo.git', 
project='yo', branch='z')

and a change filter on a SingleBranchScheduler like

     filter = ChangeFilter(project_re='yo', branch='z')
change_filter=filter, builder_names=builder_list)

along with a Try_Userpass like

builder_names=builder_list, userpass=['a','a'], port=8001)

When I submit a try build from a devtree checked out on branch 'z', I 
get exactly what I expect...

     cd yo ; git checkout z ; emacs edit/some/stuff
     buildbot try --vc=git --connect=pb $REST_OF_THE_OPTIONS

But, let's say I want to do a try build off someone else's repo on our 
git server, I try

     buildbot try --vc=git --connect=pb 
--repository=gitserver:~buddy/yo.bit --branch=x $REST_OF_THE_OPTIONS

Afaict, buildbot is still using the master's change_source repo/branch, 
not picking up anything I pass with the --repository or --branch option. 
Is there something I need in the master config? Or, am I 
misunderstanding the try build patch mechanism and/or change source 


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