[Buildbot-devel] Adding 'committer' to InterestedUsers

David Engster deng at randomsample.de
Mon Jul 11 11:29:41 UTC 2011

A. T. Hofkamp writes:
> On 09/07/11 11:22, David Engster wrote:
>> I'm using the buildbot.py post-merge script for git; in this script, the
>> 'author' is used as the person responsible for the change and inserted
>> into 'who'. Is it possible to also add the committer, so that he is also
>> notified through the MailNotifier when using sendToInterestedUsers=True,
>> or is Buildbot actually fixed to exactly *one* person responsible for a
>> code change?
> I haven't looked into this part of buildbot, but before you start extending buildbot, would having a 
> mailinglist for distributing reports not be easier?
> We use such a system for svn commits in our projects. The hook posts to the mailinglist, the 
> mailinglist distributes to all interested users.

Yes, we have that. However, at least from my experience, those
mailinglists become less efficient when the project gets
larger. Infrequent committers are often not subscribed, and frequent
contributers tend to file them away under 'whatever' as soon as they
become annoyed of all the 'failed build' mails they're not responsible
for. I much prefer a "direct" message to the blamelist, so that people
immediately know that this breakage is directly related to something
they wrote and/or committed.

But I agree it's not a big problem, just consider it a small wishlist
item. Unfortunately I won't have time to delve into the Buildbot code to
add this feature.

Thanks for your help.


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