[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot master CPU usage

Thomas Middeldorp thomas at ranzer.geek.nz
Thu Jul 7 23:38:20 UTC 2011


I'm running a buildbot master with about 40 builders on it, only about 
10-20 of which will be building at any given time (when it's busy). My 
problem is that the master process has very high CPU usage, often 
sitting at 100%. I'm not sure if buildbot just needs that much CPU, or 
if I've set it up badly, or what. I've tried changing a few of the data 
lifetime options but I'm not actually sure what are sane options for 
them (or if they will affect CPU usage) - the values I'm currently using 

c['changeHorizon'] = 500
c['buildHorizon'] = 500
c['eventHorizon'] = 50
c['logHorizon'] = 500
c['buildCacheSize'] = 200
c['changeCacheSize'] = 10000

Could anyone please offer some advice on how to figure out what is 
causing the high CPU usage or how to bring it to a more reasonable level?


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