[Buildbot-devel] Waiting for two builders to finish before triggering a third

Alec Douglas AD at malaspina-labs.com
Thu Jul 7 19:00:04 UTC 2011


My problem is as follows: I have two builders (let's call them X and Y) that are triggered simultaneously when code is committed. X and Y build two different versions of the committed code. I also have a third builder (call it T) that runs tests on both versions which is currently triggered on the completion of X. The problem is, it is difficult to guarantee that Y has finished before T begins, and if the tests are run before Y is done then the tests will fail unnecessarily (by that I mean: failing based on not being built yet, not based on a problem in the code).

What I would like to do is only have T run after both X and Y have finished.

I would like to refrain from simply moving the buildsteps from Y onto X, as the builds take a bit of time and running them sequentially instead of simultaneously would slow things down considerably. I would also like to avoid splitting the tests into two builders (T1 running on X and T2 running on Y), as that would cause a great deal of bloat.

Any suggestions?

Alec Douglas
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