[Buildbot-devel] Several scalability questions

David Coppit david at coppit.org
Tue Jan 18 20:48:19 UTC 2011

Thanks for the detailed response. Trimming a bit in my replies below...

On Tue, 18 Jan 2011, David Coppit wrote:

> This is also likely what's causing your hangs - if you call
> runInteractionNow from scheduler methods, which are already *in* an
> interaction, Bad Things will happen (well, I don't expect segfaults, but
> hangs and bogus results are expected).

This is good to know. So looking at AnyBranchScheduler as a model, I see:

- _process_changes takes an argument "t"
- and it's passed into db functions like scheduler_get_classified_changes
- Where t.execute() is called

Is that the proper way to make sure we're in the same DB interaction? If
so, what's the best way to get the "t" object from fileIsimportant (or
perhaps a ChangeFilter)?

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Egads. I didn't realize this boilerplate would be added. I've switched to
my personal email.


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