[Buildbot-devel] Documentation for GitMaildirSource

Samuli Seppänen samuli at openvpn.net
Mon Jan 17 14:05:27 UTC 2011

Dustin J. Mitchell ha scritto:
> 2011/1/6 Samuli Seppänen <samuli at openvpn.net>:
>> Here's first (and hopefully final) version of documentation for the
>> GitMaildirSource patch I sent in earlier - see my email from 16th Nov 2010:
>> <http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.python.buildbot.devel/6563>
>> I will write the test cases as soon as possible.
> I didn't mean to ignore this post - this looks good, and test cases
> are good, too.  Note that the implementation of mail.py has changed in
> master -- if you can rebased your changes against master and write
> your tests there, that would be helpful - it will also get you a test
> suite you can copy and modify to your needs
> (test_changes_mail_CVSMaildirSource.py).
Ok, I'll do that as soon as I have some extra time.


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