[Buildbot-devel] GitPoller against kernel sources hangs with 0.8.3p1

brainstorm braincode at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 15:06:58 UTC 2011

Hi Dustin, buildbot-devs,

I'm just getting started with buildbot but the issues with GitPoller
seem to be affecting me, as you pointed out in the prerelease:

I've tested this by throwing 1000 changes at it, and it does not run
out of file descriptors.  It also correctly initializes a fresh
repository on startup, and does not re-create it on subsequent

Can you please try with this repo URL ?:


With "copy" modifier it generates a ".git" repo under "runtests/source/":

buildbot/runtests# du -hs source/.git/
608M	source/.git/

Should'nt it create "source/efika-kernel" dir instead like the plain
"git clone" command does ?. Afterwards, it hangs midway when ~600MB of
repo contents have been downloaded. Using the interactive git, the
cloned repository is 914MB in size.

Then, it times out (1200 seconds) and fails, so no successive commands
are executed :-/

Thanks in advance !

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