[Buildbot-devel] Some good tutorials about running BB on a mac?

Alex Escott AE at malaspina-labs.com
Sat Jan 15 00:06:00 UTC 2011

I'm new to buildbot (just got it running in my win7 & linux environment), but I'll give these a shot... comments below 

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Hi All

I've discovered recently BuildBot, and it seems to fit perfectly my needs.

My project is done using mainly Xcode on Mac, and would love to know if there is any tutorial to learn how to install, configure and customize Buildbot on a Mac; the other info available around seems to be very vague and not aimed to something specific (I have Buildbot up and running but now for the customization of the various parts, i have troubles due the fact that i do not know python, and the manual does not have real life examples with code samples).

>>>>> Buildbot uses python. Installing it is no different than installing python modules on the system... I haven't done it on OSX but I now Darwin has excellent support for python, so  install, configure, etc. should be no problem (and pretty much the same as other *nix platforms).<<<<<

I admit that is not the easiest thing to use, but it is powerful and it really helps me to keep track of my projects; so I hope that any of you knows where should I look to get some tutorials that could teach me how to customize BB.

>>>>> Once you get it setup (just follow the docs on installation, they're excellent, it took me about 1 hour in total on win7 to get it properly installed), it's all the master.cfg setup file. You can actually google master.cfg and get some example setups, or ask here and maybe someone will provide theirs as an example.<<<<

In particular this is what i am trying to get:

-configure a project with multiple slaves
>>>>> Very easy. Again, all in master.cfg and the installation instructions. I tested my buildbot locally by running master and slave on the same machine.

-make a nicer waterfall page and replace the standard one.

>>>>> The waterfall page is a template. You can customize it, I added some extra info into ours already. For more advanced stuff you'll need to know jinja I think? Stepping beyond my knowledge here<<<

-understand how to modify the emails (i would like to have a custom email when a build fail, so all the other teammates are aware of it, and in particular the person that broke the build)

>>>>> When you create a MailNotifier status object, you can give it a function (messageFormatter=) to create a custom message. It gets called by buildbot with a bunch of objects (build, result, change, etc.) and you create your subject & body in html or plain format and pass it back.<<<<<<

-my projects has dependencies (i have a custom framework that we write almost every day, and it is used to build or app), so I would like to know how to manage these dependencies, so if my custom framework fails I do not get failures in my build project (if is even possible)

>>>>> Really don't understand this one... <<<<<<

-set the steps in a way that the minor steps does not show up in the waterfall step list, but at the same time i get an alert if one of these steps fails (like the rm of a folder or the other operations that i do, like moving the custom framework into the developer folder of the SDK and similar steps) 

>>>>> Developers can customize what builders appear on the waterfall page - at the bottom, there is a "waterfall help" link. You can select which builders will be shown.<<<<<

I know that there is a lot here; but I am kinda lost, so after trying to read the documentation I've decided to ask to a wider audience :)
>>>>> The docs are really good - but of course you have to know what you're looking for. I guess try this list, and prob most importantly get some example .cfg files, that was the most useful to me... good luck......<<<<<

Thanks in advance for any pointer that can help me to find the answers that i need.

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