[Buildbot-devel] Documentation for GitMaildirSource

Samuli Seppänen samuli at openvpn.net
Thu Jan 6 12:56:26 UTC 2011


Here's first (and hopefully final) version of documentation for the
GitMaildirSource patch I sent in earlier - see my email from 16th Nov 2010:


I will write the test cases as soon as possible.

--- GitMaildirSource

GitMaildirSource parses commit mails sent by the Git's default
post-receive-email hook. It parses correctly mails sent directly to
maildir and those that have extra footers added by a mailing list server

A change object is created only when a commit has changed a file,
meaning that
merge commits and such are ignored. In case a post-receive-email
contains more
than one commit, the author of the last commit is used as the author for the
change object.

The GitMaildirSource takes only one parameter: the location of the
maildir where
post-receive-emails arrive. To use this changesource, add this to your
master configuration file:

 from buildbot.changes.mail import GitMaildirSource
 c['change_source'] = GitMaildirSource("~/maildir")


All the best,


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