[Buildbot-devel] 0.8.3p1 queries

John Earl jearl at airsource.co.uk
Mon Feb 28 10:23:48 UTC 2011

Thanks Amber, that's done the trick to make the waterfall useable again.

We also patch all the views to add a builderGrep parameter so you can 
view a subset of builders by regexp, which helps keep the view size 
down. Anyone else have a use for this patch?

Anyone else seen the hang on Mac OS slaves? Happens every time I restart 
the master and seems to be a tight loop - high CPU load.



On 27/02/2011 06:21, Amber Yust wrote:
> I highly, highly recommend bumping your build cache up to a much larger
> number than it defaults to, assuming your buildbot master machine is any
> reasonably modern machine. Something like...
> c['buildCacheSize'] = 200
> ~Amber
> On Sat, Feb 26, 2011 at 8:18 PM, Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin at v.igoro.us
> <mailto:dustin at v.igoro.us>> wrote:
>     On Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 12:40 PM, John Earl <jearl at airsource.co.uk
>     <mailto:jearl at airsource.co.uk>> wrote:
>      > Documentation seems to suggest those will delete the old pickles,
>     which
>      > is undesirable -- but it's a bit unclear. Off to read the code...
>     That's correct.  The long-term plan is to fix this in the database,
>     but for now the options are either to not look at the old builds in
>     the web status (which is what causes it to load all those pickles) or
>     delete the pickles.
>     You can do a little to improve the situation by changing the size of
>     the build cache, so that may be a parameter to tweak.
>     Dustin
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