[Buildbot-devel] Avoid that a commit in the codebase fires a build (SVNPoller) , when another scheduler is running

Fulvio Cervone fcervone at me.com
Sat Feb 26 02:27:35 UTC 2011

I am not sure about this, so I wonder if anyone can give me some input.

I have a scheduler that fires up if for 5 minutes no commits are checked in, and this is fine most of the times.

Then i have another scheduler that does a bunch of updates and other maintenance tasks, and then it spins a build; this is set to run at night, so it should never collide with the other scheduler.

Now the problem is that is possible that I could check in something, triggering the first builder, while the second is still running, making a big mess since it would not find some resources required to build.

I know about locks; but I am not sure if is the right way to go; does the lock avoid that my build fires when triggered by a SVNPoller? In this way it could be triggered only after that the maintenance scheduler is done.


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