[Buildbot-devel] buildbot won't start after running out of disk space

A_Lawrence at DELL.com A_Lawrence at DELL.com
Mon Feb 21 18:04:18 UTC 2011

The machine I use as a buildbot master ran out of disk space in the file system buildbot's configuration directory is on.  Disk space has been cleaned up, but I'm no longer able to start buildbot on the master.  The messages I get on stdout when running "buildbot --verbose start <configdir>" are below.  twistd.pid is empty, and nothing is getting written to twistd.log.

What can I do to get some more informative debugging output to find out where it's getting stuck?  Any suggestions about what might be going wrong and how to recover from it?  I suppose I could just delete the entire configuration directory (saving only the master.cfg) and start over, but I'd like to preserve the build history.


2011-02-21 09:47:05-0800 [-] Log opened.
2011-02-21 09:47:05-0800 [-] using _sigchld
2011-02-21 09:47:05-0800 [-] Following twistd.log until startup finished..
Pidfile /home/buildbot/Buildbot/twistd.pid contains non-numeric value2011-02-21 09:47:05-0800 [-]
2011-02-21 09:47:15-0800 [-]
2011-02-21 09:47:15-0800 [-] The buildmaster took more than 10 seconds to start, so we were unable to
2011-02-21 09:47:15-0800 [-] confirm that it started correctly. Please 'tail twistd.log' and look for a
2011-02-21 09:47:15-0800 [-] line that says 'configuration update complete' to verify correct startup.
2011-02-21 09:47:15-0800 [-]
2011-02-21 09:47:15-0800 [-] Main loop terminated.

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